TopicHair Cut - How to Do it Yourself

  • Fri 14th Aug 2020 - 8:31am

    You will need a few things to get started: a pair of sharp scissors, a Gaias Protocol Review    strong medium-toothed comb and a large mirror. I prefer to be seated when I cut my hair but standing is an option; this would allow greater movement to cut own hair but requires a bit more dexterity. It is very important that the scissors are sharp; blunt scissors can result in you pulling your hair instead of cutting.

    It is best to shampoo your hair and cut it damp and tangle free for your first attempt. Your first style should be a simple one; maybe try a same length hair cut - how to do this? Use a ruler or piece of string to measure and make sure to work in small sections at a time. Comb your hair out from the scalp to the desired length and hold it there between your index and middle fingers. Then simply cut!

    Improvement comes with practise and patience - don't worry though, with the right guidance you should still get reasonable results from the word go! I found a particular guide very helpful in terms of understanding the different sections of the head and how to develop style when cutting own hair.



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